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Whipped cheesecake foam

Even before I actually owned a whipping siphon, and had only seen them on YouTube, I have considered their true purpose in life to make something whipped and fluffy and cheesecake flavored. The whipping siphon was a birthday gift from some particularly perceptive siblings (with my wife as a possible co-conspirator), and it was just a matter of time until I got around to it.

Today, that day came. And it was cheesecaky. My spell-checker thinks that cheesecaky is not a word, but then the spellchecker has never tasted this:

The original plan was to make little graham-cracker crusts, but laziness happened.

It’s a fairly simple recipe, and I didn’t even invent it (I stole it from this blog). That foam is mostly cream cheese, plus a few other things to help flavor and consistency. I did, however, do one thing wrong—I overcharged the whipping siphon, thanks to which I now know why that’s a bad idea.

The original recipe is for a 1-liter siphon, and uses two cartridges. I knew that, and halved the recipe, but wasn’t sure whether one cartridge was going to be enough. I decided to experiment: the cookie on the right is from a single charge, and the cookie on the left is from a double-charge. While it didn’t hurt the taste, the siphon hissed and spluttered, and the foam came out a bit chaotically. It also quit coming out entirely after the fifth cookie.

Upon opening the siphon, I found there was enough solidified foam left inside for a further three or four cookies, and since it still tasted amazing, I scooped it out directly onto the cookies and resumed eating. Sadly, the last few tablespoons were stuck at the bottom of the siphon where I couldn’t reach them. So if you want to know how the evening ended, you should picture me in the kitchen, my fist shaking at the ceiling, and crying sadly: “I need a longer spoon!”

Cheesecaky Foam

  • 1.5 g vanilla paste
  • 125 g cream cheese
  • 25 g yogurt
  • 50 g water
  • 25 g sugar
  • 3 g honey

Measure out the cream cheese and whip it for a bit; it’s a little tougher to whip if you combine everything first. Add everything else and combine it until it’s evenly mixed. You can use a blender, a whisk, a hand mixer, whatever.

Pour into a half-liter whipping siphon, charge with one cartridge, and spray it onto whatever it is that you want to taste amazing. We used shortbread cookies.