Strawberry Marinara

We had more strawberries than we knew what to do with. We talked about how Strawberry Marinara could taste good; how most strawberries are actually more sour than sweet; how it might make for a good texture.


I tried to stick closely to the recipe. I peeled and de-seeded all my tomatoes (I ended up 50g short), and borrowed white wine from a neighbor. I also had to learn how to open a wine bottle with a swiss army knife corkscrew. The list of stressful substitutions continues: I had to use dry herbs and not fresh, and I merely blended my strawberries instead of juicing them. This took way more than fifteen minutes.


The Book recommends serving with Polenta or ricotta-filled ravioli, but I was far too lazy and served it with spaghetti. After eating it, I said “I hate cooking. I just wasted two hours of my life making this and I don’t even like it.”


We have theories about why the Strawberry Marinara failed us. Perhaps those missing 50g of tomato were crucial. Perhaps we’re unused to winey sauces. Perhaps it would taste better with Polenta. But there’s also another explanation, which is that we’re not hardcore enough to appreciate this dish. For that, I apologize.

Page 114 of the Book

2 thoughts on “Strawberry Marinara

  1. Andrea M. Landaker

    Ugh, that is the frustrating thing about cooking, isn’t it? And then you’re like “If I was creative enough I’d probably find a use for this that we’d like, but instead I’ll just let it sit in the fridge while no one eats it until we have to throw it out”. Or is that just me? 😀

    1. Rachel Helps Post author

      Not just you X-(. I actually made some Polenta and tried some of the leftovers with that, but it was still gross.

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